Shudder Inn Book Club

Shudder Inn will be coming out in July (no date as of yet, but it’ll probably be around the 15th). If you’ve been following along on the Facebook Fanpage (and if you haven’t, then WHY not? Click HERE to join the group), then you know that this book has a special place in my heart. It feels important to me in a way that’ unique compared to everything else I’ve ever written. Because of that, I want to try out a new idea concerning a book club. This was something that I’d originally thought about charging for, but have decided to do it for free!

I’d like to invite you to join a Shudder Inn event unlike anything I’ve ever done. I want to find people interested in joining a book club with their friends, or people who are already part of a book club. Readers who join a club (the only restriction to it being a club is that there’s more than one person in it) and let me know about it will receive some special gifts! I’ll email them some exclusive items, including the book outline I wrote before starting Shudder Inn, mp3’s of me discussing the book in stages (to keep from discussing spoilers for people who haven’t gotten through the book yet), and everyone in these book clubs will have the chance to win some cool, unique loot!

My main goal here is to get you to ask your friends to read the book with you so that you can talk about it together, but I also want to make it easy to take part. If you’re interested in being part of a group, but not sure if you can get some friends to join you, then let me know and I’ll find a group for you to join. I’d really like to see this idea succeed, and I need your help with it.


That’s entirely up to the club. Some book clubs like to get together with a bottle of wine to chat about the book (I love this idea), but lots of other book clubs meet online, or just message each other back and forth. It’s entirely up to you how much you’d like to participate with your club.


Easy. Just email me at with the subject header: Book Club! If you’ve already got some friends you think would be interested, then let me know and I’ll sign you up as a club leader. If you’re alone, and need to get added to a club, let me know and I’ll make that happen.


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