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This poor website has been woefully neglected by me, and I hope to change that soon with an update to the entire site. In the meantime, I want to let you know about my newest book, Among the Dead and Dying, available now on Amazon! Game of Thrones meets The Walking Dead in this post-apocalyptic [...]

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It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this site, and I plan on doing a lot more with it in the near future. However, I’ve been sending out frequent (about once a month) updates about upcoming projects to people on my mailing list. I’ve also been choosing random names from that list to send [...]

All three books of the Widowsfield Trilogy are now available on Audible! It’s pretty creepy to hear The Skeleton Man brought to life like this. The narrator, Vanessa Johansson, did a phenomenal job of giving the words life, and bringing these nightmares into reality. There are samples of each of the books, so make sure [...]

The day is finally here! Deadlocked 8 has arrived, and it’s the longest book in the series, by a LOT. Synopsis: The finale of the second series of Deadlocked. The High Rollers are ready to take revenge against the forces aligned against them. A hard and long winter has forced them into hiding, but has also [...]

Deadlocked 8 is coming close to a release, and I’m pushing hard to get it to you by the end of March. In the meantime, I thought we could celebrate 3-14 with a sneak peek of the Prelude of the book, which reveals a MAJOR event that changes everything and sets the stage for the [...]


Audible has done an exceptional job of bringing the Deadlocked series to life. Each of the seven books (and eventually the eighth as well) is now available on, and the first one is currently FREE, but only for a limited time. I believe they’re going to start charging for the first one by Feb [...]


Don’t worry, I’m not posting any spoilers here for those that haven’t read the final book of the 314 trilogy as of yet. However, I have no doubt that there will be a lot of people wondering what the hell is going on as they reach the final page of the series. I’ve already received [...]

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The final book in the Widowsfield Trilogy is finally here. Here’s the synopsis: Alma Harper and her friends have been struggling to figure out the puzzle of lies that have been weaved in the town of Widowsfield. They’ve escaped the grasp of The Watcher, but now The Skeleton Man is free as well, and no [...]

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The end of 2013 is drawing near, and that means the final book in the 314 trilogy is supposed to be coming out any time now. Like I said before, I’m trying as hard as possible to get this book in your e-readers as soon as possible. It’s finished, but is currently going through a [...]

This section from 314 Book 3 doesn’t contain any spoilers (really) about the upcoming book. Enjoy! Philadelphia June 15th, 1943   Lyle Everman pleaded for his life. He slapped his raw palm against the steel wall and cried out for help, exactly as he’d been doing for what felt like hours. The room was perfectly [...]


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