Survive – Day One AVAILABLE NOW!

survive-day-one-coverFirst, let me apologize for disappearing for so long. I promise there was a good reason for it, which I’ve gone into detail about in the Author’s Note of the book I just released, Survive – Day One.

Survive – Day One is the first of a seven part series that will be released one per month through April 2017. Each book will chronicle one day in the aftermath of a coronal mass ejection that has caused mass chaos in the United States.

Porter Law and his brother, Red, have to travel over a thousand miles across the United States to reach their family. Porter has spent his life preparing for the apocalypse to protect his family, but they were out of town when the coronal mass ejection hit. Now he has to get to them to make sure they stay safe as the country plunges into chaos.

Survive – Day One is available on Amazon in the USA, as well as in the UK and elsewhere.

Price: $1.99


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