The Shining in-depth analysis

Uncover Kubrick's Genius

I think The Shining is one of the greatest horror films ever made. When I watch it with someone, I am always biting my tongue to stop myself from going on and on about several nuances that make it such a tremendous achievement in horror history. I don’t think most people care about the subtle things in films that turn a good movie into a great one, but if you’re like me, then this series of videos will delight you!

If you’ve never been exposed to the brilliance of Kubrick, and I’m not just talking about watching one of his movies but rather exploring his directing techniques, then upon first starting this series of videos you might assume that the maker is looking too far into some of the aspects of the movie. However, once you’ve finished watching these, then you’ll find it’s impossible to deny Kubrick’s genius. Once you recognize the power of a great filmmaker, you’ll never look at movies the same again.

Unfortunately, the third installment of this series is no longer available, but the first two give a pretty good idea of how deep the movie gets. The second set of videos is even MORE impressive. In that, the Youtuber describes how the design of the Overlook Hotel reveals Kubrick’s genius. If the first couple videos seem like he’s reaching to claim Kubrick meant to do all of this, then PLEASE watch the second two. After that, it’s impossible not to see Kubrick’s brilliance.

Here are the two MUST WATCH videos. These will make it clear how the movie sets were designed to act as a maze, furthering the idea that Danny and his mother are trapped in an endless cluster of shifting halls, as if the Overlook is changing its structure to keep them in.

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